Blitzkrieg America

Walkthrough and Level description

Part 1

It is the first level in the entire game, starting out as Dan Carson, a construction worker who was at work when America was attacked. The level begins with your one goal, get off the roof. You can either take the ladders down or you can find your own alternative route down the wood and metal. As soon as you make it to the bottom, go down the stairs. There go to your left and carefully walk across the metal beam. Once on the other side, go across onto the piece of plywood. OH CRAP! IT BROKE! Don't worry though, you can still make it. Go forward and to the left where the broken wall and cement maker are. Make your way towards the exit. BAM! A bomb collapsed the floor you're standing on. Don't head towards the fire though, turn around and continue that way. So sad for your fellow colleage, there's nothing you can do for him. Go over through the unfinished window, onto the boards, and go up to that damn Nazi conqueror! Hit your action button ([] For PS3, E for PC, and X for Xbox 360) and enviromental kill him, watch him fall without his precious parachute now. Now you have a gun ! Continue forward, making sure the gun is loaded though. Climb up the concrete blocks marked by flashing yellow. Go through the window and into the elevator. Come up to the controls and hit the action button to go down, you'll be descending down for a couple of seconds before an aircraft decides to try and plow through the walkway you were probably going to finish while attempting to do spins. Some other Nazis decide that they can parachute into the city without being killed, now it's time to aim down your sights and shoot them! (It only takes one round per Nazi parachuter so don't waste your ammo.) After you take down the Nazis, if you decided to, a bomb will hit the top of your building and your elevator will, sadly, fall. BOOM! You hit the bottom in the elevator, shocked but alive. Go out into the open, there will be a G47 located next to one of the dead Nazis. Take it, there's no other way around but to take it. Now for the fighting! Some of the Nazi paratroopers thought that they have a chance to kill you, well they do, fight back but be accurate with your gun(s). Go forward, another two will pop over the fence, do the same thing again and go down the concrete tunnel that was the walkway. Go forward in the shaft, and make a jump into the hole.

Part 2

You will have ended up at the end of the elevator looking forward, the cries of people stuck in a nearby elevator are heard among the sound of a fire. Open up the door located on your right, the door is blocked by the rubble and fire newly placed there. Now before you give up and look for another way, there's a fire alarm. Use it by hitting the action button. Wait a couple of seconds, the fire will be put out. Now go through the door, kill the Nazi who was a pilot who survived. Now you'll begin to hear the sounds of a Nazi patrol zepplin followed by the sounds of a German speaker, who is telling you already what is going on and that they do not tolerate any resistance! You think, "Oh screw that, I'll fight for freedom!" Go down the destroyed section of the wing, find the ladder that is nearby. Now time for a climb across the pipe. Or you can just sprint jump across, if you don't want to do that. Look out on your left, there's going to be shooting. After killing them on the right, jump down off the wooden stand. Continue down the alley way witch at the end should have a car loaded with red barrels. And you guessed it, they explode when shot. NAZIS! They're prone to shooting you, so make it quick by either shooting the barrels when you see them or just fighting them with what little ammo you have left. Start running down the alley again, going right and then forward. WATCH OUT! There's another one there, finish him! There it is, you've reached the streets. Run to the exit. You won the level.

Visual Playthrough

thumb|300px|left|Visual playthrough for those of you who can't understand the written one.


  • No matter what gun you have at the end, you'll always have a G47 in the cutscene.
  • It's strange to note that there actually is no American counter-attack for the invasion, although they could've had air support to New York in a matter of minutes.