Dan Carson (?-1953) is the main protaganist in Turning Point.


Dan Carson was a Manhattan construction worker, in his twenties, commonly seen wearing a red shirt with rolled-up sleeves, and a medium build. A construction worker who is caught in the middle of the Nazi surprise attack on New York City. Although he was a civilian, being raised on the streets of New York City taught him many life lessons on how to take care of himself. He is a member of the American Resistance and he kills numerous Nazi soldiers in order to save his country. He assists the Resistance with many tasks, from helping civilians to killing the puppet President. He sacrifices himself to save New York City from the atomic bomb on the large Zeppelin.

Resistance Fighter

New York City

When the Germans invaded, Carson was working on a sky-scraper in downtown manhattan, when suddenly Greman bombers began to destroy the building and kill his co-workers, Carson navigated his way down a few floors, avoiding death several times, when he found a German paratrooper on a sky-bridge, grabing him and shoving him off the building, gaining his MP50, and battling soldiers down to the streets, where he allied with a National guard unit, and jumped on a truck, narrowly escaping a collapsing building, where later he came with them to a Blockade, and held off a German counter attack until they were forced to retreat, where he later cleared a path for civilians to evacuate aboard a train, which he used this to evacuate to Washington D.C.

Washington D.C.

When in Washington, he assisted the resistance in freeing General George Donnelly, which led to the compromising of their safehouses, which led to the resistances' attack on the 'Fortress America' a.k.a the White House, to assasinate puppet president Stevenson, where in the lower levels of the white house, to guard two resistance fighters setting charges, then he fought his way up to the oval office, to confront a pleading Stevenson, whom he later killed, Carson fought his way to the front doors and escaped the exploding White House on a commandered German transport.


Carson was later parachuted into the tower of London, to destroy three Atomic Bombs, Carson succeded in destroying two, he then boarded the Megazepplin, whih housed an A-bomb, he fought his way to the A-bomb housing bay, just as the New York skyline was becoming visible, he successfuly destroyed the bomb, at the price of his life.

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