The White House (Washington DC)

The White house before invasion.

Fortress America is the new name for the White House in Turning Point.

After the fall of Washington, the White House, once a place that symbolized the freedom Americans had to decide who their leader would be, is now the centre of Nazi propaganda in America, under the watchful eye of puppet president Stevenson, who every day would go on national television, and broadcast his fascist views all over the east coast.

One night, the Resistance raided the White House, killing many of the soldiers stationed there, and succeeded in planting explosives in the lower levels of the building,and one person, Dan Carson, went into the White House while Stevenson was giving a speech, and killed him on national television, the resistance later escaped, and demolished the historic building, although no words were said by the Resistance, the message was clear;

'You may occupy our land, but you're not gonna occupy us and what we believe in'

-Dean Martinetti, Producer, Spark Unlimited