The Horten HO IXB Nachtjager (Night Hunter) is the main jet powered bomber of the Luftwaffe.

  • Development start: Summer 1943
  • Prototype: Winter 1944
  • Deploment in battle: Summer 1947


Starting developments in summer 1943 is a fast, responsive and manoeuvrable jet fighter constructed from a treated plywood and a special wood composite called Formholz, which is wrapped around a hollow steel frame.As a result of its wooden construction and speed,Ho IX has an increase ability to evade enemy radar.Known as "Hitler's Vampire Bats" the Ho IXB's operational ceiling is 16,000 meters which makes it perfectly suiyed for initial shock and awe bombing tactics.


  • 4x MK 108 30mm cannons
  • 24-36 x R4M unguided rockets
  • 2x 1000kg bombs