That guy's been a Nazi lapdog for years!

-Anonymous Resistance member

James Edward Stevenson was the Nazi-appointed puppet President of the United States during the German invasion of the East Coast. He serves as a secondary antagonist in the game.

History Edit

Stevenson, before the invasion, was United States Speaker of the House for Congress, and may have been in secret meetings with the Third Reich, and possibly may have been responsible for the invasion itself.

Stevenson was later sworn in as puppet president of America by the Nazi Regime, but during a live national address, he was killed by Dan Carson in the Oval Office after pleading to Carson about the "corrupt regime" and tried to "make sure Americans retain what freedom they are used to" as civilian were being gunned down in the streets.

Strategy Edit

  • When confronting Stevenson, go up to him until the melee prompt appears, as this will allow you to kill him in a matter of seconds, if not he will pull out his pistol and start to fire at you. or you can just open fire on him

Trivia Edit

  • Although unconfirmed, he may have been the inside man of the Nazi Regime before the invasion due to the fact that he seems to sympathize the German's brutality towards freedom and liberty.