Jagd Panther

The Landkruezer resembles the Jagd Panther.

The Landkruezer P. 1000 Ratte is a 1000-ton tank and essentially a Battleship on whells.

  • Development start: July 1942
  • Prototype: June 1945
  • Deployment in battle: Spring 1946


In June 1942,Grote(Director of Engineering,Ministry of Armaments) proposed a 1,000-ton tank that was equipped with large naval armament and armoured so heavily that only a similar naval armament could hope to touch it.The Ratte required naval manufacturing on the production line, the Ratte was prototype in June 1945 and had 2 x 280mm naval guns as its main artillery.Each devastating shell fired from the main weapon can penetrate more than 450mm thick armour and has an effective direct-fire range of roughly 5km.The weapon can also be tilted to achieve a non-direct-fire range of approximately 40km.


  • 128mm Anti-tank shells
  • 8x 20mm Anti-aircraft guns
  • 2x 15mm Heavy Machine guns
  • 2x 280mm naval guns