The Lz 201 is the German equivalent of a flying aircraft carrier.
Turning Point 5

An LZ 201 Flugzeugträger deploying Assault Blimps and Fighters into a combat zone.


Starting developmant in winter 1939 and deploying in the summer 1952, the Lz 201 is the largest aircraft in the Luftwaffe's arsenal, nick-named "Aircraft Carrier of the Skies", this zeppelin can launch aircraft from it's runways such as jet aircraft and patrol zepplins.

Along with this, it can deploy over 2,000 troops in full field equipment and tanks (including the Maus) over any environment, such as a city. The operational ceiling of the Lz 201 is over 18,000 metres, making it highly effective as long rang transport as there are very few anti-aircraft weapons can penetrate its 9cm thick hull, and accompanied by Horten HO IXB squadrons, makes it indestructible. Although much slower than its smaller cousin (the LZ 140), the LZ 201's armaments make it virtually untouchable when deployed with the support of the Horton Ho IXB Nachtjager (Night Hunter).