The LuftSchiffBau Lz 140 is the main air assault & transport vehicles of the Wehrmacht, and the most commonly seen in Turning Point.


With a successful use of zepplin aircraft in WW1 as night time bombers,it was only a matter of time before German war machine married the use of jet-engine technology to thier zepplins.Starting development in summer 1943, and deployed in Summer 1946, utilizes jet technology to allow fast, responsive manoeuverability between tight spaces, along with this the Night Owl assult blimps is kept afloat with non-flammable helium, and with a 9cm thick armour coating, makes it almost inpermeable to even the most effective anti-tank weapons. In addition to the high manoeuvrability, the Assult Blimps carry high powered spotlights (ideal for spotting targets),2 x foward facing machine guns and are able to carry up to five infantry with full field equipment


  • Two forward facing machine guns.
  • Two powerful searchlights.


  • The triple barreled Panzershreck is ideal for taking out the Lz 140.
  • The Lz 140 serves the same purpose of an American Higgins boat from our time
  • When weilding a rifle (G47 recommended) you can target the crews before they rappel down to fight you.