The Panzerkampfwagen VIII E50 Maus is the main battle tank of the Wehrmacht forces.

The Maus tank is far more andvance then Panzer tanks


Affectivaly called the "Mouse",the E50 tank started development in the Spring of 1942,was a result of a direct order from Hitler to create a tank to combat the supposed 'Soviet Supertanks' (the Nazi hierarchy feared they were creating), and was deployed in battle by 1943, although there was no army left in the world to fight.


The main armament for the Maus is a 128mm KWK 44L/55, and with it's extremely thick armour can be inpenetrable to anti-tank fire, and can combat enemy tanks at a distance exceeding 3km.

The secondary armament for the Maus is a 75mm KWK 44 L/36.5 which can fired high explosive rounds designed to engaged infantry and softer targets while the 7.92mm machine gun is also mounted for engaging infantry.