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The United States of America is one of the few independent powers left in the Turning Point world.


The United States was officially formed on July 4, 1776 after declaring independence from Great Britain, and from the start became a country not to be involved with foreign affairs. The original 13 colonies became the first states of the newly formed United States of America. Guided by the principles of Manifest Density, the US was soon destined to expand from the Atlantic Coast to the Pacific Coast. The nation was invaded by British troops during the War of 1812, with the capital Washington DC burned to the ground. During the 1860s, the southern states would secede as the Confederacy in what is known as the American Civil War; which the Union won. A century later, in 1898, America went to war with Spain over Cuba's independence and eventually won the war, granting Cuba independence, and giving the United States Puerto Rico, Guam and the Philippines. In 1900, the United States, along with the UK, Germany, and Japan crushed the Boxer Rebellion in China.

In 1917, America finally joined the Allies, and turned the tide of the Great War against the Central Powers, after the War, The U.S. helped create the Treaty of Versailles, which over forty years later, led to the East coasts' demise.

In 1931, the soon-to-be Prime Minister of Britain, Winston Churchill, was killed in traffic accident in New York City. Although obscured at that time, this accident heavily influenced American policy towards World War II.

In 1933, the United States suffered during the Great Depression. By the 1937, Japan had invaded China; as a result the US would embargo oil against Japan, although this was no of use since Japan would be supplied by Middle Eastern oil by Germany later in the future. As World War II broke out in September 1, 1939 with the German invasion of Poland, the U.S. declared neutrality while Britain and France declared war on Nazi Germany. France fell on June 1940, followed by Britain in the months to come. The Union of Soviet Socialist Republic would surrender in 1941, effectively ending World War II in just two years. Despite this, the United States remained neutral, while Germany helped Italy and Japan's imperialistic ambitions.


The U.S's isolationism remained until the 1950's from which the country never participated in World War II, leading to Japan and Nazi Germany becoming far superior powers, under the leadership of president Thomas E. Dewey kept the Americans out of any foreign affairs. Furthermore, while the United States condemned the brutality of the Nazi Regime, they did not do anything to stop it. They also believed the lies of that Germany and Japan were not building up weapons used for the future invasion of America. Ultimately, this led to the nation invaded on both Atlantic and Pacific coasts in 1953.


Turning-point-fall-of-liberty 38030 fallofliberty-1

Nazi forces occupied the White House

At 10:52 AM, several Luftwaffe bombers began the attack by bombing the Statue of Liberty, demolishing it. As soon as this happened a vast seaborne armada began to shell New York from New York Bay, and several airborne aircraft carriers began to deploy Nazi patrol zepplins and Jet Fighters to bombard civilian targets.

New York and the capital Washington D.C. were occupied overnight.


  • It is unexplained how such an invading army could assemble off the coast of a large city in so little time.
  • With Guam, Philippines, Alaska, Hawaii, and several islands and atolls under U.S control, it is unexplained how the Japanese could strengthen their Pacific empire without provoking war with the U.S, but it is possible that President Dewey could have declared their sovereignty (i.e., the Commonwealth of the Philippines was to be independent in 1945 , but this may have been done earlier due to no U.S. involvement during the World War II).